Mission and Drive

MCI’s missions and drive foster strong relationships and develops quality customized manufacturing.

Provide training and experience in manufacturing for inmates, and those who have been reintegrated into society.

We employ over 80  workers with 90% being inmates and those reintegrated into society. By working for MCI, inmates have the capability to provide for their families and pay their fines. Those serving life sentences, have a chance to give back to taxpayers. The inmates who complete their sentence discover far more job opportunities from years of experience and training at our shop. Every customer’s order received enables inmates’ responsibilities that improve job skills, as well as building a robust work ethic.

Executing on-time, superior services that exceed expectations while creating partnerships with our customers and employees.

MCI has a Quality Management System that is ISO 9000 compliant, with goals of becoming ISO 9000:2015 certified by no later than 2020. This upgrade will enhance partnerships by bolstering customer confidence in our ability to provide quality manufacturing, and surpass expectations.