Metal Craft Industries

Metal Craft Industries (MCI) has provided quality customized-manufacturing services to companies throughout the Midwest for over 20 years. They have built strong relationships with their customers by producing exceptional products, surpassing customer expectations. MCI has a Quality Management System that is ISO 9000 compliant, with goals to achieve ISO 9000:2015 certification by no later than 2020.

MCI’s Workforce Composition

MCI’s workforce is comprised of skilled employees and encompasses a unique dynamic of human resources.

Skilled Employees.  All of MCI’s workforce has exceptional training and education that encourages dedication to its Quality Management System. Each employee is involved in the continuous and evolving procedures that warrant innovation.

Unique Dynamic.  90% of MCI’s staff consists of individuals who have been incarcerated by the South Dakota State Penitentiary (SDSP), as well as individuals who have successfully served their sentence and have been actively rehabilitating into society. Having a location inside SDSP gives the opportunity for these individuals to give back to taxpayers, support their families, and have countless job opportunities as they rehabilitate into society.

MCI’s mission and drive fosters strong relationships and focuses on developing quality customized manufacturing. It produces such manufacturing by offering a wide variety of services to streamline the processes and orders with their partners.