"I've been working for Metal Craft for many years. I started tying knots for a window company. Now I'm a welder. A lot of self-responsibility goes into doing a job that pleases companies for whom we make parts. I've learned a trade that I can use when I get out in the world again.
I have grown to learn to become more responsive to the needs of others, which has helped me become a Christian. I've been reborn again since February 3, 2002. I was baptized on September 6, 2002. I have a good nest egg so when I get out, I will be able to support myself until I secure a job and a place to live.
I thank God for the support of many outside people that believe in what we can do with skills most of us never had before Metal Craft gave us a chance. I never knew how to weld before now. Others never knew how to run lathe machines before. It's amazing the skills people can learn given a chance. Thank you, Metal Craft."
–Inmate and MCI Production worker